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About SoundPractice

SoundPractice Podcast, launched in November 2018, continues to release bi-weekly episodes, posting every other Wednesday. Celebrating the 100th episode in 2022, SoundPractice’s audio program caters to inter-professional healthcare professionals, particularly physicians, and healthcare administrators.

Launched with the aim of providing valuable insights, practical tips, and expert advice, the podcast has gained popularity as a trusted resource in the healthcare industry. Each 30-minute episode features engaging discussions and interviews with renowned experts, book authors, and influential figures, who share their knowledge and experiences on subjects such as healthcare leadership, policy, technology advancements, and patient engagement. By exploring these vital areas, the podcast equips its listeners with the information needed to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Michael J. Sacopulos, JD

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Mike Sacopulos is the host of the American Association for Physician Leadership’s “SoundPractice,” Podcast which focuses on the business of medicine.

He is the CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI). Medical Risk Institute provides proactive counsel to the healthcare community to identify where liability risks originate, and to or remove these risks.

He was selected as the 2016 “Lawyer of the Year” in the practice area of medical malpractice law for Indiana by “Best Lawyers.” Mike won the 2012 Edward B. Stevens Article of the Year Award for MGMA.

Mike serves as the executive vice president of the Aesthetic Stem Cell Society. He has written for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications for the medical profession. He is a frequent national speaker. In 2018, Mike published "Tweets, Likes, and Liabilities: Online and Electronic Risk to the Healthcare Professional"

When not focusing upon healthcare, Michael J. Sacopulos is the publisher of BWD Magazine. BWD is the oldest and largest privately held magazine for bird watchers in the United States.

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About AAPL

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The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) is an international non-profit organization in healthcare with a focus on professional and organizational development through physician-led, inter-professional leadership by offering an array of information resources, education programs, and community experiences. With the goal of improving patient outcomes, workforce wellness, and a refinement of all healthcare delivery, AAPL has remained the only association solely focused on providing professional development, leadership education, and management training for physicians. Since its founding in 1975, AAPL has educated 250,000+ physicians across 40 countries—including CEOs, chief medical officers, and physicians at all levels of healthcare.

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