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Advanced Health Technology, Adoption, and Integration With Brian D. McBeth, MD, CPE

December 28, 2022

The integration of technology comes with risks while holding the promise of promoting quality of care. Often, quality requires a multi-disciplined approach to both implementation and use.  In this important and widely applicable episode, Mike Sacopulos and Dr. Brian McBeth discuss not only the use of technology for healthcare, but the need for humility in the implementation and use of technology.  He is a contributing editor to the forthcoming book on the topic, Advanced Health Technology: Managing Risk While Tackling Barriers to Rapid Acceleration.

Dr. Brian D. McBeth, an attending emergency physician, has worked in clinical medicine and hospital administration for more than 20 years. He completed the American Association of Physician Leadership’s program as a Certified Physician Executive and is currently Physician Executive at O’Connor Hospital in the Health System of the County of Santa Clara, where he oversees patient safety, hospital quality programs, COVID strategy and response, as well as physician performance and professionalism.

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