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An Insider’s Perspective on End-of-Life and Palliative Care with Jennifer O’Brien

October 7, 2020

Jennifer O’Brien has spent her career working in healthcare and managing medical practices.  Life took an unexpected turn when her husband, a palliative care physician, was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She documented her journey through art and ultimately via a book, “The Hospice Doctor’s Widow.”  Jennifer O’Brien’s unique perspective on healthcare, end-of-life experiences, and caregiving frame this episode of SoundPractice.  Whether a patient, a cousin’s spouse, a co-worker, we all know someone carrying for a terminally ill relative.  Jennifer O’Brien offers sage advice to those caregivers and she also provides guidance for physician leaders on how they can be examples in the community.   Join us for this important episode of SoundPractice.

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The following persons/organizations were referenced by Ms. O’Brien in the interview:

Rebel Health's Archangels:

Jessica Zitter, MD wrote Extreme Measures__:

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization: