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Cloves of Garlic, Silver Spikes, and Other Ways Physicians Can Avoid Lawsuits

August 12, 2020

Richard C. Boothman is an expert attorney specializing in the area of professional liability and litigation avoidance.  His work on behalf of physicians and health systems has been nationally recognized.  He has testified before the United States Senate on dispute resolution models and his work on the “Michigan Model” has influenced how many health systems handle professional liability claims.  Join Mike Sacopulos and Rick Boothman for a deep dive into the principles of the “Michigan Model,” methods of reasoned and humane methods of handling medical malpractice, and a glimpse into legal and privacy issues surrounding the use of telehealth.

Richard C. BoothmanBoothman Consulting Group, LLC

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Medical School, Dept of Surgery

Visiting Scholar, Vanderbilt University Medical School, Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy