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Dr. Michael Spellman on “Lucrative Practices”

February 9, 2022

Starting and owning a well-run, successful practice are two of the most rewarding activities in which a healthcare professional can engage. However, staying ahead of the curve in our ever-changing industry environment can feel burdensome and can be disheartening. The fact is that at the end of the day, clinicians are trained in their science, not in business. This can ultimately result in a costly, inefficient, trial-and-error approach to practice management. 

In this episode of SoundPractice, Mike Sacopulos interviews Dr. Michael Spellman.  He’s the author of the recently published, “Lucrative Practices: The Comprehensive Handbook for Healthcare Executives.” Physician leaders and practice managers would be well served to learn from Michael Spellman’s decades of experience!

Written as a business reference guide for healthcare executives, office managers and professionals in independent practice, Lucrative Practices includes detailed “how to” discussions and instructions, tips, forms, templates and guides that steer professionals away from problems and toward forward moving, financially successful management practices. )

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