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Dr. Rob Lamberts and a Direct Primary Care (DPC) Practice

September 7, 2022

Dr. Rob Lamberts is an innovator in the world of DPC – Direct Primary Care. Opening his DPC practice in 2013, he continues to believe that the model of care he uses has the real potential to change healthcare. Direct Primary Care (where patients pay a flat fee for their care) combined with the smart use of technology empowers patients, creates the true “medical home,” and redefines the way doctors think about patient care.  

In this conversation with host, Mike Sacopulos, Dr. Lambers describes the basics of the model:

  1. It is simple.  Patients pay the doctor for their care and the doctor does not have to code to submit to insurance companies. The doctor only has one person to please: the patient.

  2. It aligns motivations of both doctors and patients. In DPC, the physician is paid the same if the patients are healthy or sick. This means the physician and patient are aligned; they both want the patient to be healthy and avoid going to the doctor.

  3. The payment system is simple and the reliance on technology breaks down complex tasks to greatly reduce cost.

Although this model has many features that stand in stark contrast to “business of usual” in healthcare, the model is not for every physician. Tune in for this engaging talk on the pros, the cons, and the pitfalls to avoid in a disruptive model in healthcare.

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