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For Physician Leaders: Suicide in the Age of COVID-19, and Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care with Dr. Kent Corso

June 2, 2021

We have all seen the studies. The statistics on physician burnout and suicide are alarming. The general public is also experiencing an uptick in need of mental health and behavioral services. Dr. Kent Corso is Principal, NCR Behavioral Health, and is a nationally recognized expert.  His book with the AAPL, “Integrating Behavioral Health into the Medical Home: A Rapid Implementation Guide,” is a best-seller and sets forth success stories we need to know about health systems (and the VA) who have had put together successful behavioral health programs.

Concerning physician suicide and physician wellness, Kent Corso and Mike Sacopulos discuss employee centered policies that help physicians, and how integrating behavioral health also help with the burden of duties on physicians, reducing physician burnout.

Kent Corso’s book on Integrating Behavioral Health into the Medical Home:

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