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Reaching Organizational Goals for Relationships in Healthcare with Jennifer Sweeney

July 12, 2023

Healthcare can be tough on patients, clinicians, and administrators who work in the system. Clinicians are burning out at alarming rates; depression and suicide are on the rise. Patients often feel alone in a complex system, and administrators balance competing demands in what feels like a zero-sum game.

Enter COVID. Our healthcare system, and our country, has never seen anything like it. We need empathy and human connection now more than ever.

Jennifer Sweeney is a co-founder of X4 Health and the co-creator of 3rd Conversation, an innovation program that brings together patients, clinicians, and health system leaders to connect deeply, build trust, and develop bi-directional empathy.

A trained leadership coach and patient advocate, Jennifer Sweeney is interviewed by host Mike Sacopulos on strategies for healthcare administrators and physicians to have the best outcomes.

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