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Stop Workplace Drama

February 20, 2019

If you manage a healthcare practice, you’re probably familiar with office drama. You know what I mean….the turf war between the billing manager and the front desk staff. The coder who hoards work to make herself look busy and important. Or the nurse practitioner whose patients adore her, but who acts like a queen bee with her colleagues.

If any of this sounds familiar, help is available in this episode of Sound Practice. Our guest is author, executive educator, and consultant Marlene Chism. Marlene will provide practical strategies for how to elevate your leadership, implement strategic communication, and eliminate time-wasting drama. Join us for a lively conversation with Marlene Chism.

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Use Promo Code/Coupon Code "CHISM" (no quotes) for a 20% discount on "7 Ways to Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice" or call (800) 933-3711 or send an email to

Marlene Chism can be reached at