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The Caregiver as CEO with Jennifer O’Brien

March 9, 2022

Jennifer O’Brien, MSOD, has been a management consultant to physicians, served as CEO for large medical practices, and held administrative positions in academic medical centers. She describes the duties of CEO in the same category of duties for “Caregiver.” The art journal she kept as a form selfcare during her late husband's 22-month illness, was published as, The Hospice Doctor's Widow: A Journal. Jennifer educates physicians, nurses and allied health professionals about the role of family caregivers and the importance of end-of-life preparations for their own wellbeing and agency.

Host Mike Sacopulos and Jennifer O’Brien discuss the staggering statistics on family caregivers, the time involved with caregiving, the importance of wills and preparation and the transition of caregiver to griever.

Jennifer O’Brien also discusses a range of resources available for caregivers.    Free and downloadable tool kit – At-Peace Tool Kit:  A Guide to Being @Peace with the End-of-Life.


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