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The Emotionally Intelligent Physician Leader with Susan Fink Childs

April 19, 2023

Susan Fink Childs, FACMPE, is the author of the new book, The Emotionally Intelligent Physician Leader , published by the AAPL.

Ms. Fink Childs’s mission is to help healthcare practices build compassionate, accessible care while ensuring each staff member is respected and recognized for their individual value, impact, and contribution to the organization.

Host Mike Sacopulos discusses the following with Susan Fink Childs:

  • The genesis of the book project.

  • Childs’s philosophy on communication in the healthcare practices (both with staff and with patients).

  • Hints for physicians and non-clinical staff members on increasing their EQ (emotional quotient) via communication skills and body language.

Childs is a national presenter and international author for organizations including AAPL, AAOE, AAP, MGMA, Ascent, ACC, and the AMA. She also served as the ACMPE education advancement chair with MGMA.

Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at