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Trends in Medical School Admissions, Curriculum, Academic Medical Careers, and Musings on the Medical School Match with Associate Dean, Dr. Anne VanGarsse

May 19, 2021

Medical schools are not only the gatekeeper to the profession but help chart the course of the entire medical profession. In this SoundPractice episode Mike Sacopulos interviews Anne VanGarsse, MD, CPE, MD, FAAP, CHCEF, the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Community Engagement and Population Health at California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she is also an associate professor of pediatrics and pharmacy.

They discuss general trends in medical school admissions, (The Fauci Effect), class demographics and the applicant pool, and evolving curricula.  After an 11-year career in the private sector, Dr. VanGarsse entered academia and so she also provides insider tips for physician leaders who may consider an academic career path.  The conversation also addresses the Match Day process and the collective cause for concern for the lack of residency slots and the work that remains.