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Two Career Physician Marriages and Partnerships with Dr. Yolanda Becker and Dr. Bryan Becker

November 30, 2022

Marriages and domestic partnerships between physicians are not unusual. Unfortunately, the practice of medicine can be stressful.  Managing a successful relationship between physicians takes some effort and planning. The shared experience of healthcare and having a partner who shares a perspective and passion for medicine is a positive. But some conventional strategies for domestic bliss simply doesn’t work when it comes to busy physicians.

Today, this practical episode focuses on a pair of physicians, Yolanda T. Becker, MD, FACS and Bryan N. Becker, MD, MMM, CPE, FACP, who have given great thought on how to make a relationship between physicians thrive.  Innumerable factors affect the lives and careers of two physicians who are married or are partners — especially when the physicians hold leadership positions.

Dr. Bryan Becker and Dr. Yolanda Becker wrote on this topic for the AAPL Physician Leadership Journal.

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