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Your Game Plan and Frontal Cortex: Strategic Thinking with Brooke Albright

April 21, 2021

Your Game Plan and Frontal Cortex:  Strategic Thinking with Brooke Albright

Key to any shift in behavior is the understanding of how positive behavior change works in the body, brain, and mind.  In truth, the neuropsychological elements of strategic thinking play out in important and often unexpected ways in our daily lives.  Brooke Albright, MA, Founder of Conscious Healthcare Consulting, has designed a self-study course on The Neuropsychology of Strategic Thinking for the AAPL. Join us on this episode of SoundPractice for a look at executive brain function, brain anatomy, and how subjective experiences shape our strategic thinking.  Ms. Albright provides an approachable and meaningful way for physician leaders to “start where you are” in understanding strategic thinking in terms of neuropsychological principles.

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