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A Seat at the Table: Sara Larch on Serving on a Board of Directors

October 20, 2021

President Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk that read,“The buck stops here.” It was his reminder that the ultimate decision-making authority rested in his office. President Truman’s sign should sit on the board of directors’ conference table in most healthcare entities.

As a national expert on healthcare governance, Sara Larch is well suited to guide us through the world of selection and service of members of boards of directors. Sara Larch brings 30+ years of industry experience in large physician groups in Integrated Delivery Systems and Academic Medical Centers, and eight years at Deloitte Consulting as Managing Director and National Leader of the Physician Enterprise (PE) practice.

Whether you aspire to sit on a board or already a member, this episode of SoundPractice will be valuable to you. Ms. Larch helps us understand what characteristics are looked for in potential board members. She lists questions candidates should ask before agreeing to serve. Ms. Larch walks us through new member orientation and techniques to become an effective member of the board. This episode of SoundPractice is a “how to manual for members of board of directors.

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