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An Inspiring Career in STEM with Dr. Rachel Willand-Charnley

February 7, 2024

Rachel Willand-Charnley, PhD, is a contributor to the best-selling book, Lessons Learned: Stories from Women Leaders in STEM . Each contributor to the book has shared a personal career journey – including the barriers and challenges faced along the way.

Willand-Charnley , formerly an Institutional Research Career and Academic Award (IRACDA) fellow at Stanford University, is an interdisciplinary applied organic chemist and chemical biologist specializing in organic chemistry, glycobiology, and cancer immunology and is an assistant professor in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at South Dakota State University.

In this episode, Mike Sacopulos interviews Willand-Charnley about their career and passion. Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. They transformed their fear into their passion. While on the path to transformation, they was helped and hindered by a variety of teachers and mentors. Their story inspires while pointing out inequities faced by some in the STEM fields.

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