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Susan Dentzer and the Mission of America’s Physician Groups

February 22, 2023

Susan Dentzer is the president and chief executive officer of America’s Physician Groups (APG), the organization of more than 335 physician practices that provide patient-centered, coordinated, and integrated care for patients while being accountable for cost and quality.  APG members provide care to nearly 90 million patients nationwide.

Dentzer is one of the nation’s most respected health and health policy thought leaders and a frequent speaker and commentator on television and radio, including PBS and NPR, and an author of commentaries and analyses in print publications such as Modern Healthcare, NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine)-Catalyst, and the Annals of Internal Medicine. 

As part of Mike Sacopulos’ introduction of Susan Dentzer, “In one of the darker moments of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin said to his fellow patriots, ‘We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.’ ”

While coming together to make this country a better place is not new, it is still needed. Organizations like America’s Physician Group help the medical profession and our nation.  In this insightful conversation, you’ll learn the initiatives the APG is putting in place to benefit all physicians.

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