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Is it a Good Idea or a Good Business Opportunity? A Discussion with Entrepreneur and Venture Capital Founder, Dr. Luis Pareras

April 6, 2022

Unfortunately, good ideas are not enough to advance healthcare.  Business skills, a team operating with clarity, and capital investments are needed. The stakes for venture capital in the healthcare sector, and for the general population could not be higher. In this episode of SoundPractice, Mike Sacopulos interviews Luis Pareras, MD, PhD, the Founding Partner of two Venture Capital funds (Healthequity and Invivo Ventures) focused in early-stage investments in the healthcare sector, where he has led the investment strategy and transaction processes.

Deeply involved in the innovation ecosystem, Dr. Pareras is a member and advisor to many healthcare innovation organizations, has served at the Board of Directors of many life-sciences companies, and is the author of, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector:  From Idea to Funding to Launch.” He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of financing healthcare corporations.

Many physicians have tremendous ideas on ways to improve healthcare. This episode of SoundPractice will walk you through the funding process from the perspective of someone who awards the venture capital.

Covering topics such as the need for physicians to have “MBA Skills” such as negotiation and communication, what partners are looking for in business pitches, and the protection of intellectual property, enter the world of the VC in this conversation with Dr. Luis Pareras.

Luis Pareras, MD PhDFounding PartnerInvivo

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