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Supply Chain Management and the Role of Physician Leaders

January 11, 2023

Host Mike Sacopulos discusses supply chain management, from the perspective of the physician, the institution, and the patient, with Jimmy Y. Chung, MD, MBA, FACS, FABQAURP, CMRP, chief medical officer of Advantus Health Partners (a subsidiary of Bon Secours Mercy Health) and a board member of the American Association for Physician Leadership. Dr. Chung has spoken at conferences around the country as an expert on clinical integration of supply chain and development of physician leadership in optimizing the cost, quality, and outcomes of healthcare.

“Physicians play an important and critical role in the management of supply chains,” says Chung.  In this podcast episode, Chung describes the lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic, efficiencies and costs savings that can be gained, and tactics for aligning with physicians for the safety of patients and improved patient outcomes.

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