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Tactical Tips for Telehealth

March 22, 2019

If you’re planning on offering telehealth services in your healthcare practice, tune in for this episode. Cheryl Toth and Mike Sacopolus interviews two national experts on how telehealth services can work for physicians and practices and can work to increase patient satisfaction. In addition, we cover the the tactical side of implementation as well as the basics of billing and coding for telehealth.

Orthopedic surgeon Alfred Atanda, who has delivered hundreds of virtual visits, will explain how telehealth has improved his efficiency. Dr. Atanda shares his lessons learned about scheduling patients, and conducting visits. Betty Hovey, consultant and coding educator with KarenZupko and Associates, discusses the issues and essentials of reimbursement for telehealth services. Betty Hovey also deciphers important Medicare guidelines, and provides tactical tips for getting paid by payors and patients.

Medicare:  - This is specifically for the telehealth resource booklet.

HRSA Medicare Telehealth Payment Eligibility Analyzer:

A Surgeon’s Guide to Getting Started with Telehealth by Betty Hovey