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The Blackwell Sisters: Physician Leadership and Courage

March 24, 2021

Here at SoundPractice, we became aware of Janice Nimura’ s latest book, “The Doctors Blackwell,” after a recent review of the book in The Wall Street Journal.  Janice P. Nimura. M.A. received a Public Scholar Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of her work on The Doctors Blackwell. The book examines the life and education of the first female physician in the United States.  Nineteenth Century pioneers and practitioners, Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell helped educate a generation of female physicians and establish the emergence of women leadership in the medical community. Ms. Nimura walks us through life at antebellum medical colleges, public health of the time, changes in medical school education, and the education of women physicians, since the early 1900s. If current events have you in need of inspiration, or if you are interested in good storytelling, this is the podcast for you.

The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women and Women to Medicine ,)

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