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Trends for Locum Tenens with Ted Weyn

March 8, 2023

Host Mike Sacopulos interviews senior vice president of marketing and innovation from Jackson + Coker, Ted Weyn. He covers the current landscape for locum tenens, from the perspective of the organization that is interested in using locums and the physicians who are looking at work-life alternatives.

Physician leaders and healthcare administrators are familiar with the staffing problems in medicine. The lack of physicians in certain geographic regions has become a chronic concern for healthcare systems and medical practice. 

This episode of SoundPractice covers:

  • Insights and tips for organizations in need of physicians and how locums should be a part of manpower planning.

  • Physicians who need a change – of career, setting, or for personal reasons – and how locums offer a path forward.

  • How locums impact a hospital’s profitability and ability to deliver patient care.

  • What a good relationship looks like between a staffing company and a healthcare organization.

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