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Why Your Healthcare Organization Should Consider Morning Huddles

January 16, 2020

Research indicates that open communication raises employee satisfaction and increases retention. Implementing a 'Morning Huddle' with clinicians and employees is an excellent way to foster the communication that drives both of these improvements.

In this episode, Cheryl Toth and Mike Sacopolus talk with Thomas Zoch, MD, Vice President Vice President of Care Management-Clinical at Ascension Wisconsin about his leadership philosophy and the use of morning huddles to engage physicians and staff from across the health system. Dr. Zoch discusses the genesis of why Ascension Wisconsin chose to deploy morning huddles, and how the focus on "getting to why" in these daily communications has resulted in open dialogue, effective discourse, and ongoing education. He also breaks down in specific detail the logistics and specific processes he uses to lead morning huddles at three different hospitals every Monday through Friday at Ascension Wisconsin. 

Thomas W Zoch MD FACP FACEP CPEVice President of Care Management- ClinicalAscension