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The Rules of Healthcare Practice Marketing with Dr. Neil Baum

May 15, 2024

Neil Baum, MD, is a renowned leader in medical practice marketing and a pioneer in the field, having authored the first textbook on the subject in the 1990s. Today, Baum continues to share his knowledge through writing, lectures, and consulting on healthcare practice marketing. He has written a new book, Medicine is a Practice: The Rules for Healthcare Marketing.

Baum, a practicing physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, draws from real-world examples that have proven successful in his own healthcare practice. His mission is to aid physicians and medical practice administrators in creating the productive and profitable practice they have always envisioned.

In this interview with host Mike Sacopulos, Baum shares tried-and-tested suggestions for enhancing relationships with existing patients and attracting new patients to the practice. As a bonus, Baum ends the interview with three hints for new physicians as they build their careers in medicine.

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